An art ecosystem that combines an NFT collection of digital sculptures and a lifelong membership to a growing physical art collection.
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#AMS001 is the first collection of digital sculptures by contemporary artist Roberto Rivadeneira in collaboration with 3D artist Nicolas Vásquez. AMS001 consists of 12 1-of-1 NFTs that you can purchase through auction in August 2022

There will a total drops of 12 NFTs. Available exclusively via Dissrup. Each NFT will grant you access to the rewards for Season 1 and all the future benefits for Season 2.

#AMS001 was minted on Ethereum Blockchain, using a custom Manifold contract. And grants you access to ongoing auctions and giveaways for physical artwork from Rivadeneira and other artists, and membership to the AMS community.

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0.15 eth

Reserve price

12 Nfts

Up for auction

24 Hour


Each NFT has its own 24 hour auction that begins when the 0.15ETH reserve price has been met.

Season 1

It's now live on Foundation

Bright Future

Chrome and Concrete

Dark Magic

Floating Green

Liquid Monolith

Mistaken Symmetries


Nature under cover of Darkness

On the rocks

Rituals at dawn

Shallow water

Vip for Once